Types of activities

The main types of activities of publicly traded company “Polotsktranspetrol Druzhba” are: rendering services of taking over and transporting petrol by system of trunk petrol pipes on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and its delivering in destinations.

The company makes the next types of services on which it has a special permission (license):

  • Service in vehicles;
  • Service in industrial safety;
  • Service in communication;
  • Services in fire security;
  • Secure services;
  • In areal of using atomic energy and sources of ionic radiating;
  • In retail sales of alcohol and tobacco.

The company offers:

  • Services in transporting of petrol;
  • Transport services;
  • Services of the chop of repairing the equipment;
  • Services in repairing of trunk petrol pipes;
  • Services in liquidation of troubles;
  • Services in communication;
  • Services in car washing;
  • Snooker;
  • Hotel;
  • Restaurant;
  • Services in running repairs;
  • Camp;
  • Bathhouse of camp;
  • Retail sales and catering. 

The company offers rental lease.