There are 5 laboratories, 3 of which are accredited:

  • Chemical laboratory
  • Metrology laboratory
  • Field maintenance laboratory
  • Electrical laboratory
  • Control and diagnose of insolate coverings laboratory.

Chemical laboratory makes tests of petrol quality.

Electrical laboratory makes tests of grounding devices, electric installations, cable lines, measuring transformers, indicators of potential difference, isolate instruments and security facilities.

Field maintenance laboratory makes tests in area of NDT inspection, checking by radiographic, ultrasound and visual methods.

Field maintenance laboratory
There is a service of NDT inspection - Field maintenance laboratory (FML).
There is a certificate of accreditation of Field maintenance laboratory of Publicly traded company “Polotsktranspetrol Druzhba” with area of accreditation – transfer pipelines during repairing and technical diagnostic of welded joints and basic metal.

Types of NDT inspection:

  • Radiographic defectoscopy;
  • Ultrasound thickness measurements;
  • Visual checking.

This service makes NDT inspection of welded joints and basic metal during repairing, reconstructing and diagnosing. Also it makes penetrant inspection of troubled areas of transfer pipelines, which are indicated during repairing works (replacement of insulation of petrol pipes), reconstructing and repairing of technologic equipment and lineal part, and by the results of in-line inspection.



Technical equipment of the laboratory renders it possible to make NDT inspection of welded joints and basic metal practically in all field and climatic conditions.