Plans of cooperative attitude with Russia and Baltic Republics

Publicly traded company “Polotsktranspetrol Druzhba” provides oil delivery only to petroleum refinery “Naftan” in Novopolotsk nowadays. But Belarusian petrol transport system is ready to increase volumes of transit of Russian petrol and to restart of oil delivery into Baltic Republics.

Despite of the quite large time of using petrol pipes “Druzhba-1” the volumes of transporting on two lines “Druzhba” are so large, that Baltic petrol pipe system doesn’t recover them. That is why petrol pipe “Druzhba” will be used further.
Publicly traded company supports technical readiness of system to restart oil delivery of Russian petrol to Baltic republics. The company provides all the works on running repairs, modernization and reconstruction of petrol pipes areas “Druzhba-1, 2”. It affects to areas Polotsk-Mazhekay and Polotsk-Ventspils, which oil delivery was stopped in August 2006 and January 2003.

Publicly traded company “Polotsktranspetrol Druzhba” finished reconstruction of underwater lines of petrol pipes Unecha-Polotsk-1, 2 over the Dnieper in 2010. The company changed riverside bolts, rebuilt reserve and basic lines of petrol pipes Unecha- Polotsk-2, relayed trunk cable in channel part of underwater junction by directed drilling.

Publicly traded company “Polotsktranspetrol Druzhba” is going to reconstruct underwater junction of petrol pipe Surgut- Polotsk across the West Dvina. It is anticipated to change trunk cables under channel part of the river by directed drilling, to put in fixed cabins of start-intake of disposal facilities and diagnostic aids of reserve line of petrol pipe. Besides, the company repairs trouble areas of petrol pipes, and do the local change of insulation. Troubles of the main repair remove in full volume.

It is anticipated to change obsolete equipment, to put in new techniques and technologies, to reconstruct and modernize of company’s objects, to buy equipment and instruments for change, to change vehicles by realization of investment project.