Main characteristics

Publicly traded company “Polotsktranspetrol Druzhba” is:

  • 575,5 km of trace, where it is explored 1068 km of pipes of high pressure with size from 720 till 1020 mm;
  • 1097,8 km of trunk community cables;
  • 39 underwater junctions about 8850 m: junctions across the rivers Besedz, Sozh, Staritsa, Pronya, Dnieper, Ulla, Ushacha, Disna and West Dvina;
  • 233 crosses with railway and automobile roads;
  • 114 linear stopcocks;
  • 42 out-of service repeater stations;
  • 94 stations of cathodic protection;
  • 20 high voltage motors;
  • 20 pumping units ( trunking and supporting);
  • Tank battery with volume about 490000m3.

The next structure parts were made for securing working of the petrol pipe:

  • Linear planning station “Polotsk”
  • Linear planning station “Gorki”
  • Industrial-engineering communication centre
  • Base production services

Linear planning station “Polotsk” is the head oil pumping station of Publicly traded company “Polotsktranspetrol Druzhba”. There are 3 supporting and main pumping units, tank battery with volume about 490000m3 (6 reinforced concrete V=30000m3, 6 steel vertical tanks with floating roof V=50000 m3, 2 steel vertical tanks V=5000m3.

There is one oil pumping station on Linear planning station “Gorki”. There are isolated systems of heat-assistance, water supply, industrial and service-utility canalization, and blocks of treatment facilities there. Secure of electrical power is used by own electric power substations, which are equipped with system of emergency power from isolate diesel generating stations.